Research Quarry ,Problem and Problem Statement or Hypothesis

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How to Develop,Generate Hypothesis 
on the Basis of Research Problem

Research Quarry  ,Problem and Problem Statement or Hypothesis

Research Question ,Problem and Hypothesis

What is a Research Problem?

    The situation difficult to interpret or mysterious encountering situation that a researcher find to address through series investigation design known as research problem.Researchers traditionally find a wast study subject, narrow the scope of the problem, and then identify questions persistently linked with a selected paradigm.

Source and Characters of Research Problem 

    The natural origin of ideas for nursing research problems are experiences during practices, relevant literature when some one make a view of existing knowledge, social issues when conflicts or opinions emerge among people, theory and external sources when previous researches reviewed.Several criteria must be considered when assessing the value of a research problem. The research problem has to be clinically significant or beneficial; research able or can be go through research process (questions of a moral or ethical nature are inappropriate); make able /can be addressed ; and interesting.

Barriers to Research Problem 

    The availability or feasibility includes issues of time, collaboration between study participants.Moreover availability of facilities and equipment, investigator experience, and ethical considerations.Investigator share their goals in research reports such as problems, declarations of intent, research questions or hypotheses. 

Problem Statement and Statement of Purpose

    The problem statement articulates the nature, context, and meaning of the problem being studied. A purpose statement summarizes the overall objective of the study; In both qualitative and quantitative studies, the purpose statement identifies the key concepts (variables) and the study group or population.

    Statements of purpose often communicate through the use of verbs and other key words the underlying research tradition of qualitative studies or whether the study is experimental or non-experimental in quantitative studies.

What is Research Question

    Research question or quarry  is the unique or very directed question that researchers that a study designer planed to working on.Generally  the existence, nature, strength, and direction of relationships are the keys to research question.

Problem Statement and Relationship with Variable

    Some research questions relate to moderating variables that affect the strength or direction of a relationship between independent and dependent variables; others deal with mediating variables that intervene between the independent and dependent variables/attribute and facilitate to express why the relationship exists among them.

What is Hypothesis?

    In the quantitative investigations, a hypothesis is a tentative statement of expected relationships between two or more variables. Moreover a testable hypothesis establishes the expected association/Link  between one or more independent variables/ or unknown  and one or more dependent variables.

Types of hypothesis

    Simple hypotheses express a predicted relationship between an independent variable and a dependent variable, while complex hypotheses establish an expected relationship between two or more independent variables and two or more dependent variables (or make predictions about mediating or moderating variables).

    Directional hypotheses predict the direction of a relationship; Undirected or non-directional hypotheses predict the existence of relationships, not show their direction or path. Research hypotheses predict the existence of relationships; Statistical or null hypotheses express the lack of a relationship existence .

Worth of both Type of Hypothesis

Hypotheses are never definitively proved / Justified or disproved/ Non justified .

Hypothesis can be  accepted or rejected, supported or not supported by data.

If Null hypothesis rejected then Research Hypothesis accepted and vice versa

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