Significance of research , Importance of Research and Characteristics of Good Research

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Benefits and Characteristics of Good Research

Significance of research , Importance of Research and Characteristics of Good Research

Research is a systematic and dynamic process here Significance of research Importance of Research and Characteristics of Good Research are described.

Importance / Significance  of research

    The research deals with the wide range of human behavior which is affected by various influences such as environmental, biological, sociological and psychological influences etc. Therefore, in these situations, it is a tedious task for scientists to innovate or find a solution to the problem or complexity is essence of man. In a simple word, what does the importance of research mean. The answer to this question is self-explanatory if one could understand the facts, what is the use of a newborn child? This means that the new knowledge is like a newborn baby that has great potential for growth and development. Just as we enjoy newborn research.

    Adding new insights to the existing business is an obvious function of any research. Equally important is the cleanliness of the rivets, as well as the elimination of useless and unusable theories. This dual function of research relates to people's basic needs and well-being, which means that science and society are in a mutual relationship. Rithie Caldor explains these aspects as a give and take between science and social conditions. The importance of research can be analyzed as follows:

    i: Research plays an important role in guiding social planning and health care. Knowledge of society and people's cultural behavior require proper planning for their proper development, since both human knowledge and cultural behavior are interdependent. Reliable and factual knowledge can be very important in making decisions for health care planning and for the betterment of society to prevent disease. This is possible through research.

    ii: Knowledge is a kind of power with which one can foresee the implications of certain phenomena. It also dispels the 'push' of strange superstitions (more common among illiterate people and backward areas) etc. and they are illuminated for the development of the well-being of patients and abnormal people. In this way, social research and medical health research can contribute to promoting a better understanding between people, health professionals and social cohesion in society.

    iii: The investigation is responsible for the effective operation of the facts. As such, it provides a fairly strong basis for predictions. Failure to do so will result in program failure, which can have serious implications for society and patient care systems.

Research Characteristics

    i:The ultimate goal of research is to find solutions to problems through good research. The characteristics of a good investigation must be taken into account before starting the investigation. Good research is characterized by the following:

    ii. Research aims to solve problems. The ultimate goal is to discover the cause and effect relationship between the variables.

    iii. Research emphasizes the development of generalizations, principles, or theories that will help predict future events.

    iv. Research is based on observable experience or empirical evidence.

    v. Research requires accurate observations and descriptions.

    vi. Research involves the collection of new data from primary or first-hand sources, or the use of existing data for new purposes.

    vii. Although investigative activity can be somewhat messy and unsystematic, it is more often characterized by carefully designed procedures employing rigorous analysis. Although it is often trial and error, research is rarely blind; Shotgun research or an experiment just to see what happens.

    viii Research requires experience. The researcher knows what is already known about the problem and how others have studied it.

    ix. The investigation strives to be objective and logical, using all possible evidence to validate the procedures used, the data collected and the conclusion:The researcher seeks to eliminate personal bias.

    x. Research involves finding answers to unsolved problems. Research is characterized by patience and leisurely activity. It is rarely spectacular, and researchers should expect disappointment and discouragement as they search for answers to difficult questions.

    xi. The investigation must be carefully recorded and reported. Every important term must be defined, limiting factors must be acknowledged, the procedure must be described in detail, references must be carefully documented, results must be objectively recorded, and conclusions must be presented with scientific restraint.

    xii. Research sometimes requires courage and patience.

Criteria for Good Research

    Good research has some well-established criteria; These are the general criteria for good research. Although most investigations rarely meet the established criteria, the maximum is expected. Below are the preliminary criteria for a good investigation.

    i.The purpose of the research or the problem must be clearly defined and defined as clearly as possible. The researcher must have a sufficient understanding of the problem involved in the research. The research methods used should be described in sufficient detail to allow another researcher to repeat the research.

    ii. The procedural design of the investigation must be carefully planned to obtain results that are as objective as possible. The researcher must report flaws in the process design with full openness and assess their impact on the results.

    iii. The analysis of the data should be enough to show its importance; and the analytical methods used must be appropriate.

    vi. Conclusions should be limited to those that are justified by the research data and those for which the data provide a reasonable basis.

    v. Greater confidence in the investigation is warranted when the investigator is experienced, has a good reputation as an investigator, and has integrity.

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