Selection of a Nursing Research Topic In 2022

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Selection of Best Research Topic

Nursing Research Topics, Selecting The Best Nursing Research Topic, Hot Nursing Research Topics Ideas, Brilliant Nursing Research Topics, Great Nursing Research Topics For Impressive, Amazing Nursing Research Topics For Students, Latest Nursing Research Topics

Nursing Research Topics
, Selecting The Best Nursing Research Topic, Hot Nursing Research Topics Ideas
, Brilliant Nursing Research Topics, Great Nursing Research Topics For Impressive, Amazing Nursing Research Topics For Students, Latest Nursing Research Topics.

  • Are you Going to Select A Research Topic?
  • How Select a Best One?
  • Why We Need a Best One Only ?
  • What is Nursing Research Paper?

    Before discussing the hottest researchable topics in nursing, it is important to establish what these research papers are. A nursing research paper is a common type of academic writing for nursing students, professionals and practitioners. The papers can be based on theoretical aspects such as human nursing care, healthcare management, or nursing care applications.

Purposes or Goals 

    The main goal of the research papers is to help students develop skills that are necessary for the nursing profession. It is sources of Improvement and proficiency in health care system. And Establish a data base important for current nursing care professionals and in future also.

Best Nursing Research Paper Topics in 2022

    If you are faced with the challenge of selecting a research topic for your nursing paper, there is no need to panic. In reality, you are not alone. Many students, including proficient writers, are faced with the challenge at some point. To jump-start your process, we are going to share and  discuss in nursing that you can use. Go ahead and pick them directly or tweak a little to fit your preferred paper.

Tips to Develop a Research Paper
How Developing a Good Nursing Research Paper Outline

    Now that you know what a nursing research paper is, the next step, the nursing essay outline. This will be your blueprint for crafting a great paper.

    The first step when developing a nursing paper outline is selecting the preferred topic. Here, the aim is picking an interesting topic with ample resources. The best resources should be no older than five years after their publication. When working on your research paper outline, consider it as a table of content that tells you where a specific item is discussed in a publication. Here is a complete outline that you should consider for your paper.

1:The nursing research paper title

    Here, you commence by broadly defining the topic. You should consider telling the reader what the main concept you are working on is about. Remember to make the opening statement interesting so that the reader can have the anticipation to keep reading the paper.

    Still, in the intro, provide the research questions and give some background about the topic. You can opt to capture some statistics about the topic or use a quote. For example, a student writing about STDs might opt to capture the prevalence rates in the region of interest. Note that this should be brief because the main details will be discussed in the body of the paper.

    At the end of the introduction, provide a thesis statement. This is your argument that will feature in every part of the paper.

3:The Main Body

    Once you are through with the introduction, it is time to get down to crafting your nursing paper. Make sure to break the body of the essay into individual paragraphs. Every paragraph should be about a specific item. If the nursing research paper is long, consider dividing the body into several sections.

    When crafting a paragraph, the golden rule is using the three main parts; make a claim, support with evidence, and explain. On the claim part, you highlight the main point. Then, dig deeper and support it with evidence. This can be quotes, reports, demonstrations, and statistics. Finally, you should explain the information so that the reader comprehends everything you are talking about. 

    To make your nursing essay more professional, go ahead, and capture counterarguments. And, if the paper is very long, consider using a sort of conclusion for every section. This will serve as a great connector between various arguments that you highlight in the paper.


This is the last part of your nursing term paper. Here, your main goal should be summarizing the paper in one or a few paragraphs. So how do you do it? First, you should restate the thesis statement. Make sure to use different words when restating the thesis to avoid appearing repetitive. Then, summarize the main points demonstrating what you have learned. If you found some gaps that need to be filled during the study, make sure to mention it and call for more studies.

How Chose a Best Topic 

    This post has provided you the complete details of how to craft a winning paper in nursing. Once you have selected a great topic and crafted an outline, it is time to get down to writing. But remember that you will also need to reference the paper well and write a reference list. This could be in APA or Harvard, among other styles recommended by your department. Are these requirements too much for you?

    If you find writing your nursing paper too much because of one reason or another, the best option is seeking . The writing professionals will craft a winning outline, body, and conclusion for your paper. It is a sure way to rake the best grade for your nursing paper.


Are you wondering what would be the appropriate way to ascertain that a specific research topic is the right choice for you? Here are some ways to assure mindful choice of your nursing research topic. The topic should be:

  • Relevant to your work and experience or current issue.
  • Exploratory it should be unique beneficial to be find.
  • Interesting for professional in practice.
  • Fresh there should no duplication or repetition.
  • Meaningful for the practicing persons.
  • Original you should actually done it.

    Do not hesitate from approaching your teacher or classmates to discuss your ideas. Who knows, they might share some valuable insights which could lead you in the right direction to craft a successful nursing research paper.

Topics on Mental Health

What are the causes of depression?

How does social media affect mental health?

The causes and effects of bipolar disorder.

How do antipsychotics help in curbing delirium?

Write about the risk factors involved in anorexia.

The relationship between video games and teenage depression.

What are the genetic factors involved in bipolar disorder?

How to prevent post-traumatic stress disorder?

Present a deep evaluation of the treatments available for dementia.

What are the risks involved with anorexia?

The major reasons for stress in police officers.

What are the genetic factors involved in bipolar disorder?

Analyze the mirror therapy exercises for brain rehabilitation.

Schizophrenia: the role of personal experiences and a sense of self.

How to assist stroke patients in regaining their motor functions?

How does deep brain stimulation impact patients suffering from depression?

What is the link between selective mutism and social phobia?

How does air pollution aggravate Alzheimer's disease?

Meditation for cognitive impairment patients: what's the link?

Discuss common physical traumas and successful ways to recover from them.

Topics on Health Promotion

How do workplace wellness programs serve as a practical way to encourage healthy behavior?

Harmful effects of passive smoking.

How does alcohol cause cancer?

How does air pollution result in lung cancer?

Effective ways to raise health awareness globally during the pandemic.

How can workplaces help manage depression?

Physical inactivity is a major contributor to death in developed countries.

How to encourage positive eating habits and behaviors in children?

The prevention of the development of diet-associated cancers through healthy eating habits.

What are the effective health promotion strategies for obesity?

Discuss the effective ways to reduce exposure to risk factors of cancer.

The significance of health education for children: a pathway for healthy development.

How effective is school health promotion?

Practical ways to raise awareness against cyberbullying.

The importance of raising awareness for the link between skin cancer and UV radiation.

Discuss some fresh ways to maintain a healthy work environment at the workplace.

How to increase cancer screening test rates?

New ways to manage late-life depression among older people.

Effective ways of communicating preventative medicine techniques.

What are some effective methods to assess medical care quality?

Unique or Good Nursing Research Topics

How does abortion affect a woman's body?

The advantages and disadvantages of telemedicine.

Elaborate on the ways for the treatment of patients inside the prison.

Why do seizures happen in young adolescents?

Discuss the management of disease and prevention methods.

Ways to prevent obesity in children.

How do social media and bad culture breed bad habits?

Discuss nursing marijuana management and control.

What ethics should be followed in pediatric care?

Why are hydration and nutrition so important?

What makes teen vaccination crucial?

Effective therapies to cure speech disorders.

Opioid usage to cure rheumatoid arthritis.

What strategies does the government implement to finance the healthcare system?

Discuss the maternal practices followed in urban areas.

How to handle stress in the nursing profession?

What is the significance of eCare and Telecare?

How does pet therapy help in overcoming autism?

The obligations involved in the nursing profession.

Quantitative Research Topics

Describe and evaluate critical care nursing.

Present a critical assessment on assisted suicide and the ethics involved.

Best ways to manage stress and information surcharge medically?

Describe a healthy diet and its advantages.

What are the challenges involved in chronic disease management?

Best ways to handle cardiovascular problems.

Present a comparison between nursing homes and home care.

Elaborate on assisted suicide and the ethics involved.

What are the key roles of nurses in teaching and encouraging self-care?

Interesting Nursing Research 

The limitations of medical contracts.

Important ways to deal with high levels of stress.

Effective ways to reduce body temperatures in households.

The significance of gyno education among young girls.

What are the different roles of nurses?

Discuss the diversity in the medical field.

What are the problems linked with menopause?

Discuss the moral factors associated with euthanasia.

What are the important principles of sports medicine?

Best ways to tackle stress during night shifts.

What is bipolar disorder? Discuss its symptoms.

Major causes of Type II diabetes.

What are the key reasons for hypersensitive diseases?

The most effective ways to recover from physical trauma.

What is the best approach to treat insomnia?

Discuss the future of medicine and healthcare as per modern advancements.

Present an elaborated case study on the successful ways to treat migraine.

Share the protocol to treat a severe headache.

Top reasons to make the healthcare system free, globally.

Great childhood nursing research topics

Causes and treatment of ADHD.

A closer look at antibiotics resistance in children.

What are the main causes of seizures in children?

Child obesity: What are the main causes?

Analyzing why the strategies adopted for addressing child obesity are failing.

Ethics of pediatric care.

How effective are the measures used in preventing infant injury during delivery?

The best strategies for treating malnutrition in children.

Analyzing the evolution of neonatal care in the last 50 years.

What are the main causes of child mortality in the UK?

Mental health research topics for nursing students

What are the best treatment methods for dementia patients?

How effective is mirror therapy in brain rehabilitation?

Harms vs. benefits of using antipsychotics when preventing delirium.

Cancer-related fatigue and depression: What is the relationship?

How safe are disposable cuffs?

Using abdominal massage to reduce residual gastric volumes in critically ill patients.

Helping stroke patients regain their motor functions.

What are the main causes of chest pain in adults?

How effective are the methods used to help intimate partner violence victims?

Analyzing the effectiveness of emergency medical assistance for road traffic accidents.

Good nursing research topics on women issues

A closer look at post-pregnancy care for women after losing fetuses.

What are the main factors contributing to the current high infertility rates in women?

How effective are the procedures used for breast cancer screening?

A deeper look at the preventative measures used for sexually transmitted infections.

Evaluating Chlamydia treatment plans and their effectiveness.

Analyzing the main causes of osteoporosis in women.

How effective are preventive health programs against sexually transmitted diseases in women?

Addressing the emotional symptoms of premenstrual syndrome.

What are the best methods for treating acne in women?

Evaluating the current strategies used to increase the chances of conception in women.

Interesting obstetric nursing research topics

Does breastfeeding increase mother to child HIV infections?

What are the main risks associated with early pregnancies?

Education workshops for new mothers: Are they important?

Importance of awareness about blood sugar during pregnancy.

What are the causes of miscarriage in the first trimester of pregnancy?

Demystifying episiotomy.

What is epidural?

What is the best pain management method during delivery?

What are the benefits and demerits of delivery with a partner?

Caesarean Section: What emergencies necessitate the use of CS for delivery?

Evaluating unhealthy habits during the first trimester of pregnancy.

What factors cause the pregnancy to go beyond the 40th week ?

Hot topics in nursing issues

How effective are the strategies used to address emotional health for nurses?

A closer look at the evolution of nursing in the 20th century .

What strategies are used to reduce the danger of contracting infectious diseases?

What are the dangers of inadequate nurse staffing for patients?

Analyzing the role of nursing in healthcare services.

Evaluating the impact of culture in nursing.

What are the benefits of collaborative nursing?

What legal issues can a nurse face in the course of her/his work?

Male nurses offering intimate care to female patients.

What are the challenges that stand on the path of becoming a certified nurse?

What are the best strategies for addressing staffing challenges in public health facilities?

Human resources development: What are the best strategies for increasing nurses' productivity?

The ethics of adopting internationally trained nurses.

Top quantitative nursing research topics

A closer look at data collection ethics in adult healthcare.

Evaluating the mortality rates related to sex and heart attack.

Analyzing the development of telehealth.

Cardiovascular issues and their treatment.

Comparing home care to nursing homes.

Evaluating critical care nursing.

Analyzing the effectiveness of massage therapy.

Analyzing the ethics of assisted suicide.

What are the benefits of healthy diets?

A closer look at peculiarities of ambulatory healthcare.

A closer look at the balance between healthcare and costs.

Should stress and information overload be treated medically?

Managing chronic diseases: What are the challenges?

How effective are the current strategies for treating eating disorders?

What is the effectiveness of the application of pet therapy?

Teaching self-care: Should this be the primary role of every nurse?

What are the rights of nurses when handling abusive patients?

Comparing nurses from different countries across the globe.

Analyzing the main causes of heart attacks.

Hot nursing research topics in pain management

A closer look at pain management in hemophilia.

Analyzing fetal pain perception by medical experts.

Best practices in pain management during labor and delivery.

How effective is cognitive hypnotherapy application in pain management?

What are the best alternatives for long-term pain treatment?

What are the common pain disorders caused by wrong acute pain management?

Analyzing Benson's relaxation therapy for main management.

A closer look at the main post-discharge pain management strategies.

How effective are the strategies for pain management in cancer patients?

Analyzing the effectiveness of non-pharmacological methods of pain relief for adolescents.

What are the best methods of managing pain in children with life-limiting illnesses?

Analyzing the US policy on acute dental pain management in children.

Nursing research topics in primary healthcare

Analyzing the role of private healthcare providers in the mental health services system.

Evaluating bias in most healthcare financing strategies.

How effective are the assessment methods used in public healthcare facilities?

Comparing private healthcare and public healthcare systems.

What improvements can you recommend for the primary health care services today?

A closer look at the benefits and demerits of vaccination programs.

What are the primary roles of nurses working in schools?

Medical services at patients' homes: What are the pros and cons?

What are the benefits of nursing classification?

How effective are probiotics in diarrhea treatment?

Good nursing research topics in nurses and doctors relationships

Should nurses and doctors have equal opportunities?

Exploring the methods of treatment used by doctors and nurses?

Comparing the training process for doctors and nurses.

Demonstrating the importance of good relationships between doctors and nurses.

Nursing research topic ideas in healthcare management

Who is responsible for failures in surgeries?

What roles do human resources management play in hospitals?

Nursing uniform code: Evaluating the main rules.

Evaluating gender prejudices in nursing.

Analyzing the management principles for healthcare experts.

What are the best methods for enhancing staff relations in healthcare facilities?

Pros and Cons of Medicare.

Marijuana management: What are the main rules?

Analyzing the quality of healthcare service in the US asylums.

What are the main channels that nurses can use to become physicians?

 Pediatric  Nursing  or Specialized Nursing Research 

How does genetics lead to diabetes in children?

Do health issues in childhood affect health ahead in life?

Effective ways to reduce injury in infants during the delivery.

What are the key reasons for child mortality?

Factors that cause obesity in children.

Prevalent eating disorders among children. Is social media a cause behind them?

The causes and treatment of hormonal disorders.

What are the psychological aspects involved in infant care?

Are malnutrition treatments in children successful?

The evolution and advancements in neonatal care over the last 50 years.

Discuss the stem cell solutions for pediatric diseases.

What are the major causes of seizures among infants?

Elaborate on the relationship between vaccination and autism.

Discuss the resistance of antibiotic medicines in children.

What are the ethical practices of pediatric care?

How does passive smoking affect an individual's early life?

Effects of environmental pollutants on childhood exposure.

Effective ways of respiratory illness diagnosis and treatment in children.

The psychological impacts of cancer in children and their families.

What are some risk-reducing strategies for blindness in children who receive oxygen therapy?

Old Home or  Geriatric Nursing Research 

The effects of malnutrition on the organ system.

Can diet pose a risk for dementia?

How effective is the right diet in reducing the risk of osteoporosis?

What are the causes and risks involved in later life depression?

Some effective ways to prevent delirium in elderly patients.

Important care strategies for alcohol use disorders in the elderly.

What medical emergencies do older cancer patients face?

How does prolonged hospital stay lead to complications in critically ill patients?

How can older people maintain oral care?

The alteration in the nervous system and cognitive senses in the elderly.

Effects of aging on the cardiovascular system.

The risk factors and diagnosis of urinary tract infections in older patients.

Dehydration in the elderly- causes, symptoms, prevention, and treatment.

What are the biological mechanisms and preventive measures for Alzheimer's in adults?

How to manage sepsis in severely ill elderly patients?

Discuss important care strategies for elderly patients with fragility hip fractures.

What is the role of nurses in advanced care planning?

Currently available therapeutic options to cure heart failure in the elderly.

Practical ways to handle pressure ulcers in patients with hip fracture.

Gynaecological  Nursing Research

Major risk factors involved with postnatal depression.

How does early parenting education lead to a positive experience?

Benefits and effects of prenatal yoga on infants and women.

What are the causes and risks involved in adverse pregnancy cases?

How effective is midwifery?

Preventive measures to cure hypoglycemia in newborn babies.

Useful relaxation techniques and therapies are used for managing pain during labor.

How do sleep disorders affect both mother and infant?

The best way to handle physical and emotional changes during pregnancy.

Most effective tips for immediate care of the newly born.

How does spirituality play a vital role in labor and delivery?

Discuss the symptoms and treatments of childbirth among women.

The relationship between pregnancy and diabetes: risk factors involved and ways to manage them.

How does peer support help in overcoming postnatal depression?

Discuss the effective ways to deal with Pregnancy Induced Hypertension (PIH).

Discuss an autistic woman's experience with childbirth.

The risks involved in advanced maternal age.

Common practices and strategies to facilitate and maintain normal childbirth.

Successful ways for immediate care of newborn babies.

How to identify and manage common feeding mothers with infants?

Environmental Nursing Research 

Geological factors that increase the chances of infertility.

How to treat acne in women?

Causes of sleep disorders in women.

How to analyze sleep disorders in women?

What are the common emotional symptoms of premenstrual syndrome?

Share an elaborate view on breast cancer diagnosis procedures.

What are the challenges involved in menopause?

How to treat infertility in women ethically?

What factors boost conception in females?

How do cultural differences impact women's health?

Common disorders related to female sexual health: symptoms and prevention.

How effective are measures taken during breast cancer screening?

The causes and preventive methods for vaginal atrophy.

Cervical cancer and HPV among women.

Major causes of cystic fibroids in females.

Share an elaborate view on reproductive endocrinology.

The causes of substance abuse and addiction in females.

What measures can be taken to prevent pregnancy?'

The effects of cosmetic dermatology in females?

The ways to prevent ovarian cancer in women.

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