Mathematics for Nurses Ratio and Proportion Mathematics For Nurses

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Ratio and Proportion

Mathematics for Nurses Ratio and Proportion Mathematics For Nurses

Ratio and Proportion Their Definition,  Properties and Differences with Example 

Relationship/Ratio and Proportion

    The ratio is used to compare two sizes of the same type. The ratio formula for two numbers, a and b, is expressed as a : b or a/b. When two or more ratios are equal, they are said to be proportional. The concept of ratio and proportion is based on fractions. Ratio and proportion are the key foundations for several other concepts in mathematics. Ratios and proportions have their uses to solve many everyday problems, e.g. when we compare heights, weights, distances or times, or when we add ingredients when cooking, etc.

What is ratio and proportion to each other.

    The comparison of two quantities by division is called a ratio, the equality of two ratios is called a ratio. A ratio can be written in different forms, such as B. x:y or x/y, and is usually read as x to y.

On the other hand, ratio is an equation stating that two ratios are equivalent. A proportion is written as x : y : : z : w and read as x is a and z is a w. Here x/y = z/w where w & y are non-zero.

Definition of Share/Comparision

    The reason is the comparison of two quantities, which is obtained by dividing the first quantity by the other. If a and b are two similar quantities with the same units, so that b is not equal to 0, then the quotient a/b is called the ratio between a and b. Proportions are expressed with the colon symbol (:). This means that the ratio a/b is unitless and can be written as a : b

Definition of Share/Proportion

    Proportion refers to the equality of two ratios. Two equivalent ratios are always proportional. Proportions are denoted by the symbol (::) and help us to search for unknown sizes. In other words, the ratio is an equation or statement used to represent that the two ratios or fractions are equivalent. Four non-zero quantities a, b, c, d are called proportional if a : b = c : d. Now let's look at the two ratios: 3:5 and 15:25. Here, 3:5 can be expressed as 3:5 = 3/5 = 0.6 and 15:25 can be expressed as 15:25 = 15/25 = 3/5 = 0.6. Since both ratios are equal, we can say that these two are proportional.

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