Caring Concept In Nursing Education

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 Nursing Education and Caring Philosophy

Caring Concept In Nursing Education

What Is Caring,How Care Falls Impact In Nursing,Caring And Nursing,Philosophy of Caring In Nursing.

What Is Caring

   Caring is a moral ideal expressed through Caritas processes. The Caritas processes described by Watson (1985) consist of practicing loving kindness, honoring others, nurturing individual beliefs, building supportive/trusting relationships, listening, making creative decisions, respecting human dignity, and being open to being mysteries. Care is a value, an attitude, a will, an intention and an obligation (Watson, 1985). Therefore, care is a moral imperative that focuses on maintaining the dignity and respect of patients. Care is an inter-subjective process with humanistic aspects that begins through the demonstration of the Caritas processes.

How Care Falls Impact In Nursing 

    The teaching of caring is central to nurse education. According to Watson and smith (2002), knowledge about caring is the key to understanding human health, healing, and quality of life. Caring is being present with the patient in the here and now. The use of a theory to guide the teaching of caring is crucial for nursing and knowledge development. Caring theories fall into the category of middle-range theories and are best suited to teach caring because these theories can directly be applied to practice. There are several teaching strategies available to assist the teaching of caring. Such strategies include the use of case studies, reflection, caring scenarios, objective structured clinical examinations, and role-play.

Caring and nursing 

    The teaching of caring is fundamental to nursing. Caring is the essence of nursing, a core professional value, and a paradigm unique to nursing (Cohen, 1991; Kitson, 1987 Leininger, 1977, roach, 1998; Schwerin, 2004, Swanson, 1993; Watson, 1979). Caring is defined and conceptualized in various ways. Teachers who have a solid grasp on the meaning of caring and practice a caring way of being, make a unique contribution to nursing education. Caring is defined according to the theoretical perspective that is proposed or presented. Therefore, in teaching the concept of caring, it is key to understand the assumptions and world view of the caring theory (smith, 1999)

    The findings from research studies exploring student nurses' and nurses' per conceptions of caring show that the clinical aspects of caring are highly rated. In addition, knowing what to do and technical competency were rated high (Omari. Abualrub, & Ayasreh, 2013, Papastavrou et al, 2012: Zamanzadeh, Azimzadeh, Rahmani, & Valizadeh, 2010). However, practicing a caring approach goes beyond clinical competence, and includes creating a healing environment. Therefore, teaching from a theoretical framework that includes caring is a moral imperative.

Philosophy of caring in nursing 

    it is recommended that a caring philosophy should be integrated throughout the curriculum of a nursing program. Integration can be accomplished through a theoretical framework on caring that makes explicit the processes of practicing loving kindness, honoring others, nurturing individual beliefs, developing helping/trusting relationships, listening, creative decision making, respecting human dignity, and being open to mystery cohen , ja (1991). Two portraits of caring: a comparison of the artists, Leininger and watson, journal of advanced nursing, 16(8), 899-909.

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