Nursing Education and Theoretical Thinking

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Theoretical Thinking and Impact In Nursing Education

Nursing Education and Theoretical Thinking

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What Is Theoretical Thinking 

    Theoretical thinking is the application of direct experience, correspondence with what is known, and an understanding of the logic of the relationships among the elements of the theory. It includes an understanding of nursing phenomena, differentiating between relevant and irrelevant phenomena, and deciding how theory applies to nursing practice and research (Meleis, 2012)

Theoretical Thinking In Education

    In the process of learning, students put theory into practice throughout the educational program (Kuhn, 1970; Tomey & Alligood, 2006). In this way, students incrementally build their understanding of theories that inform practice. Carper (1978) highlights the importance of paying critical attention to the question of what knowledge is of most value in the discipline of nursing. She holds that knowing in nursing is a combination of the patterns of empiric, aesthetics, personal, and ethical.

Purposes of Theoretical thinking In Nursing Education

    A major goal put forth by nursing leaders in the 20th century was the development of nursing knowledge on which to base practice, improve quality of care, and inform nursing research (Scott, Matthews, & Kirwan, 2014) Alligood (Tomey & Alligood, 2006 ) contends that nursing theoretical works are vital to the future of both the discipline and the profession of nursing. 

    She believes that research alone produces isolated information, whereas research and theory together produce nursing science. The science of nursing includes theoretical frameworks that are learned and applied in practice and research Guiding students to value theoretical thinking in nursing is of utmost importance. This means that faculty model theoretical thinking as they lay the foundation for the courses in which they teach. 

Impact of Theoretical Thinking In Nursing

    Theoretical thinking is necessary for excellent nursing practice and therefore is essential. Current thinking encourages the achievement of a therapeutic relationship with the patient that is theory based. Necessary to achieve this is self-awareness (Carper, 1978; Musker, 2011) coupled with a full understanding of the benefits of a therapeutic relationship for the patient. This requires knowledge of the theoretical framework in nursing that ties directly to caring as an essential element of a therapeutic relationship. To achieve this, careful reading and faithful interpretation of nursing theory are required.

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