Selection of Enhancing Teaching Methods In Nursing Education

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Enhancing Teaching Methods In Nursing Education and Selection

Selection of Enhancing Teaching Methods In Nursing Education

 Increasing Effectiveness of Teaching In Nursing Education,Techniques to Enhance the Effectiveness of Verbal Presentations,Present Information Enthusiastically,Include humor In Education,Exhibit Risk Taking Behavior,Deliver Material Dramatically.

Increasing Effectiveness of Teaching In Nursing Education

    Excellent educators have one thing in common- a passion to keep improving their abilities. A person does not ever fully arrive at being an expert educator; instead, the drive toward excellence is an ongoing process that continues throughout the educator's entire professional life. What constitutes creative teaching? The following are techniques, not listed in any priority order, that the nurse as educator can use to enhance the effectiveness of verbal presentations. 

    In addition, some general principles for teaching are presented here that can be applied when using almost any instructional methodology (Bradshaw & Lowenstein, 2013; Brookfield, 2006; Caputi, 2010; Cunningham & Baker, 1986; Freitas, Lantz, & Reed, 1991 ; Irvin, 1996; Musinski, 1999; Narrow, 1979; Orlando, 2013; Parrott, 1994; Phillips, 1999; Stanford University, n.d.). 

Techniques to Enhance the Effectiveness of Verbal Presentations

Present Information Enthusiastically

    The educator who comes across as invested in the material excites the learner to identify with the subject at hand. No matter how well a lesson is planned or how clearly it is presented, if it is delivered in a dry and dull monotone, it will likely fall on deaf ears. 

    The educator should try to vary the quality and pitch of his or her voice, use a variety of gestures and facial expressions, change position if necessary to make direct and frequent eye contact with everyone in the group, and demonstrate an ardent interest in the topic to attract and fascinate an audience. 

The enthusiastic educator is aware that an energetic attitude is contagious and enticing. However, one must exercise caution regarding overuse of body language and overt actions because mannerisms can be distracting and can adversely affect learning.

Include humor In Education

    Many educators use humor as a technique to grab, arouse, and maintain the attention of the learner. Appropriate humor can help establish a rapport with learners by humanizing the educator. Humor does not necessarily require the educator to tell jokes, and joke telling should not be attempted if this is not a skill an educator possesses. Furthermore, the educator should avoid making someone the object of humor if it results in a put-down.

    Humor establishes an atmosphere that allows for human error without embarrassment and encourages freedom and comfort to explore alternatives in the learning situations. Humor is a means to reduce anxiety when dealing with sensitive material, to provide poignant examples of everyday life experiences, and to reinforce information.

Exhibit Risk Taking Behavior

    Effective educators are willing to develop exercises in which many variables can lead to any number of possible outcomes. They use this technique to encourage learners to reach their own conclusions about controversial issues. Regardless of the outcome, educators should be prepared to deal with uncertainty. Exercises that allow learners freedom to experiment and express their ideas focus more on the process than on the result. 

Deliver Material Dramatically

    Effective educators seek ways to engage the learner emotionally by using surprise, controlled tension, or ploys. The educator uses strategies that connect the educational material directly to the learner's life experiences so that information is made more understandable and relevant. Learners may be asked to participate in simulations, games, or role play to act out a part, live an experience, or test their capacities. 

    These activities involve the learner in the learning experience and can leave a profound, lasting impression that can be remembered vividly and drawn upon when faced with a real situation. A dramatic teaching method engages learners by arousing their emotions.

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