Learning Contracts and Concept of Condensed Portfolio In Nursing Education

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Nursing Education and Learning Contracts & Concept of Condensed Portfolio

Learning Contracts and Concept of Condensed Portfolio In Nursing Education

What Are Learning Contracts In Nursing Education, Concept of Condensed Portfolios In Nursing Education, Implementation of Condensed Portfolios In Nursing Education.

What Are Learning Contracts In Nursing Education

    Learning Contracts enlist the student’s contribution to their own count grade. This practice, especially common in sunning education outside the United States, is being used increasingly in this country. 

    The instructor sets the course parameters and presents options for a maintaining specific grade, based on the completion of elective assignments. Remarking adult and second-cancer students find Learning Contracts a valuable way to determine their own learning goals and to soured in the course.

    Most Learning Contracts include the number of required assignments as well as the elective ones. Also included in the time frame for completion, instructions for achieving goals, and methods of course evaluation. A key element of the Learning Contract under cooperation. 

    Another is the instructor’s explicit articulation of expectations-it’s important to make sure everyone understands the contracts. Students agree to complete an anticipated number of assignments, but may change the contact.

    Learning Contract, you need to delicate assignments clearly and explain the common associated with each one. The class parameters, which allow students to determine their course grade, should be students in the syllabus and policy statement. 

    Establishing and maintaining Learning Contracts can be labour intensive and difficult. However, when students take responsibility for their own learning investment, the rewards are significance.

    A colleague of mine used a Learning Contract in a seminar course for senior nursing students, five assignments were required: a field trip, practice in standardized testing, weekly class activities, composing a resume and cover letter, and leading a small group discussion. 

    Completing all five assignments would ensure a grade of Co, four would bring a C, and theme would result in a C- Any student completing fewer than three assignments would fall the class Each made signed a contract appearing to these conditions.

    In addition to these requirements, students were offered sis optional assignments to raise their grades. These alignments included a field trip reaction paper (grade increase), a resume and cover letter resubmission increase), an NCLEX prep option ( or incase), political meeting attendance (increase), job fair amandine 15 increases, and a topic mention paper ( increase).Ideas for Use

    Learning Contracts give students an effective way to control their grades. Learning Contracts reflect accomplishment and increase as den investment in their own saw. Learning Contracts may be an elaborate or as simple as needed to meet the course objectives and the needs of the students.

    To make Learning Contracts an “on the ran strategy, you can les students argutite and contract norms for specific alignments. For example, instructors may provide wide with an array of several assignments to tenth спить objective. 

    Students may elect in write a paper, carry out a presentation, create patient education material, or another assignment. Try to this contract is to have students agree to a certain project and follow through, teaching another important lemon about commitment and hologram. 

    Several to sources document the feasibility of Learning Contracts for clinical groups in selected settings, including mental health and community health facilities. 

Concept of Condensed Portfolios In Nursing Education

    Condensed Portfolios can enhance a small class. In this strategy, students gather selected alignments and create a personal portfolio of their progress. These portfolios may be maintained un paper or demonically.

    This strategy helps students amends their own performance and maintain personal resounds. They feel more respirable for preserving evidence or of their performance and their attainment of course objectives, Portfolios may include compiled an argument and papers, clinical evaluation tools, anecdotal notes, mention paper and journals, evidence of accomplishments, and formative and summative evaluations. They can he seed for a angle clam or an entire curriculum

    Preparation and Equipment Faculty need to establish clear evaluation policies for the use of portfolios within a course of curriculum, Individual instructors can add Condensed Portfolio expectations to their course syllabus. In agencies, orientation personnel can develop standards for nursing oriented to use in recording their professional growth. 

    Agric portfolios might include seconds of intendancy at locational programs, evidence thus requirements have been met, certification documents, сите resumes, and evaluations. As the feature femes, the success of this strategy depends on clear guidelines seared to expectation and portfolio.

    In an introductory naming class. I asked students to create a personal portfolio of their progress through the course. As time went on, I adopted the name Condensed Portfolios co make it clear that these portfolio would contain only the information discuses in the course syllabus. By doing so, I eliminated a significant amount of extraneous information. 

    The course syllabus indicated the following counters of the Covest of Nursing Portfolio. to is a E-mail Exercises with narrator comments (Including these assignments gave tridents incentive).The instructed graded copy of the compiled Nursing Profession. The instructed graded copy of the student’s data analysis projector.

    The instructor graded copy of the student’s plan for client care Evidence of a Web Assignment are nursing a class question. The instructor graded copy of the American Phycological Association formatting exercise

    Signed documentation of completion of Total Care Test out, ensuring competency in basic care skill performance. The instructor graded copy of the Nursing Economics Case Study. A final personal growth Ah-hah Journal.

    This assignment was worth 10 percent of the course grade Documentation of each assignment was worth one point except for the last assignment, which was worth two perms. The extra point represented the amount of time students should have spent on the final Ah-hah Journal, which discussed their personal growth during the sermon.

    All the portfolio assignments had been required for the clam, none were prions I wanted the students to practice maintaining moods develop an organizational structure for the portfolios, and a hope ability for completing it. These expectations fined the objective of professionalism that underlies even a beginning level nursing course. 

Implementation of Condensed Portfolios In Nursing Education

    To establish Condensed Portfolios as an on the run strategy you can develop assignments or policies aimed at caring an abbreviated portfolio. 

    In nursing clinical props, Condensed Portfolios can track individual progress through a notation. Clinical evaluation mok, lists of shish, and personal evaluation summaries can be included. Schools might establish policies allowing subsequent clinical faculty to amassment skill by rewarding these portfolios. 

    The student’s explicit consent would be needed for this use of the portfolio You may want to develop assignments that build on one another and eventually became part of the Condensed Portfolio.

    Students can maintain a voluntary portfolio of their educational experience. They can show it to perspective employers or graduate are schools, or use it for promotes within an agency.

    Agenting can Condensed Portfolios in annual evaluations, as evidence for promotion or advancement in a clinical ladder, or a documentation for accreditation.

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