Research Introduction for Nurses

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Basics or  Fundamentals of Nursing Research

Research introduction for nurses

Introduction to research, fundamentals of nursing research,Research Paradigms along Research Benefits.


    In nursing study designs, research is planned and carried out step by step to develop insights or results about problems or events that improve nursing practice.No doubt it consist of same steps as in many other disciplines but lying under biological researches but it core is focused on Care only.


    Nurses in dynamic environments adopt an evidence-based practices.This incorporates research into their decision making and interactions with clients or patients for best nursing practice outcomes.

 Affected People and Beneficiaries of Nursing Research.

    The product and outcomes of nursing research, used to improve the professional practice and skills of all nurses.The research consumers or utilizers  (who read and evaluate studies) and the other one research producers or researchers (who design and conduct research studies) both get benefit.

Beginning of Nursing Research

    Nursing research got started or emerged by Florence Nightingale (mother of modern nursing and also statistician).While developed slowly until its rapid acceleration in the 1950s and later on. Since the 1970s, nursing research has focused only the problems of clinical practice and their resolution.There was other purpose of research outcomes.

Nursing Research Institutes Around the World

1: The first nursing research institute established in the United States. The name of this institute was  National Institute of Nursing Research (NINR). At the service of nursing research worldwide and give better outcomes of care.

2:The second one was established  In 1993.The United States established an institute that validates practices.It is considered investigational under the National Institutes of Health term in better way.

Future View of Expectations About Nursing Research

    In future specifically in upcoming decades.Nursing research, will move one more step forward and its priorities will likely be outcomes research, research valorization projects, research replication, multi center studies, and expanded dissemination efforts.The organized research contrasts with other sources of evidence for nursing practice, such as B. Tradition, voices of authority, personal experience, trial and error, intuition and reasoning. Rigorous research is at the top or bottom of the evidence hierarchy as the basis for clinical decisions according to its importance for nursing profession.

Nursing Research Paradigms or Patterns

    Schematically and structurally  designed nursing research takes place within two broad paradigms.Under the broad view with underlying assumptions about the complexity of reality:the first one is a positivist paradigm while the other is a naturalistic paradigm according to research specialists.

1: The positivist one is considered under the objective reality and natural phenomena are regular and sequential.For this purpose the related assumption of determinism refers to the belief that phenomena are the result of prior rather than accidental causes.

2: The second is the Mass reality.It  is not an authentic entity but a result of the human mind. It can be said "truth" consists of various constructions of reality.These realities are known as the naturalistic paradigm.

Paradigms and Research Designs in Their Characters

    The collection and analysis of information or numerical data is analyzed under a quantitative research design. In addition, this quantitative design is considered under the concept of the positive paradigm. The typical "scientific method" is a systematic control used or adapted primarily for quantitative research. Quantitative researchers base their findings on empirical evidence (evidence gathered through the human senses) and bring the collective findings rather than a single setting or situation.

    Human experiences collected in the form of subjective data can be handled more flexibly. He referred to qualitative research under a positive paradigm.

Research Benefits

    These basic study designs help broaden the information base to add new information. A challenging situation is resolved or solved using applied research design.

Expected research results & Outcomes 

    The purposes of nursing research include the identification of the problem, the description of the event, the investigation of the phenomenon, the explanation of the occurrence, the expectation of results or predictions, and control.

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