Psychiatric Nursing Historical View

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What is Psychiatric Nursing Historical View  

Psychiatric Nursing Historical View

Historical View of  psychiatric Nursing & Psychiatric mental health nursing to deal psychiatric disorders in psychiatric ward in Special Psychiatric hospitals 

Founder of Psychiatric Nursing 

   Linda Richards from the New England Hospital done graduation in 1873,  graduated  for both  Women and Children in BostonShe continued to improve nursing care in psychiatric hospitals and organized educational programs in psychiatric hospitals in the state of Illinois. Richards is called the first American psychiatric nurse; She believed that "the mentally ill should be cared for at least as well as the physically ill" (Doona, 1984).

History Before Psychiatric Nursing 

    At McLean Hospital Professionally trained nurses deal psych logically ill patients after proper training in McLean Hospital city. Care was primarily nurturing, with a focus on diet, hygiene, and activity. Nurses adapted medical-surgical principles to the care of patients with psychiatric disorders and treated them with tolerance and kindness. The role of psychiatric nurses expanded as somatic therapies were developed to treat mental disorders.The need of a professionally skilled nurse was needed for some special interventions.The examples includes insulin shock therapy (1935), psycho surgery (1936), and electro convulsive therapy (1937).These interventions needs best medical surgical skill for relevant psychiatric treatment interventions.

Academic Literature  

    The first psychiatric nursing textbook, Harriet Bailey's Nursing Mental Diseases, was published in 1920. In 1913, Johns Hopkins was the first nursing school to include a psychiatric nursing course in its curriculum. It was not until 1950 that the National League for Nursing, which accredits nursing programs, required schools to have a psychiatric nursing background.

Pioneer of Trained  Psychiatric Nurses    

    The nursing theorist who shaped or designed a professional curriculum were Hildegard Peplau and June Mellow.The interpersonal techniques by Peplau in 1952 for interpersonal relations: The Crux of Psychiatric Nursing in 1962. She described the therapeutic nurse-client relationship, its phases and tasks, and wrote extensively on anxiety. The interpersonal dimension crucial to her beliefs forms the basis of current practice.

Worthy Contribution By June Mellow

    Mellow's 1968 paper Nursing Therapy described her approach of focusing on clients' psychosocial needs and strengths. A logical view was put up by Mellow that as a psychiatric care providers , the Corley nurse well exactly required to provide care with clients present  severe mental illness as part of daily activities, focusing on the now a days to fulfill each person's psycho social care needs (1986).Peplau and Mellow jointly made significant contributions to the practice of psychiatric nursing.

American Nursing Association Contribution

    In 1973, the American Nurses Association (ANA) Division of Psychiatry and Mental Health developed standards of care, which they revised in 1982, 1994, 2000, and 2007 are responsible. They are not legally binding unless incorporated into state nursing practice statutes or state board rules and regulations. When legal issues or lawsuits arise, these professional standards are used to determine safe and acceptable practice and to evaluate the quality of care.

American Nursing Association and Legal Document 

    This document also outlines the areas of activity and phenomena that concern today's mental health and psychiatric nurse. Thirteen specified ares were pointed out by problem identification phenomenon. The Nursing Standards encompass the phases of the nursing process, including specific types of interventions, for nurses in mental health settings and describe standards of professional performance outcomes: quality of care, outcome evaluation, professional learning or education, coworkers, ethical values, team work , research, and utilization of resources.

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