Mathematics for Nurses Introduction to Number System BSN 2nd Year HEC

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Mathematics Introduction for Nurses 

Mathematics for Nurses Introduction to Number System

Mathematics for nursing (BSN 2nd Year) include introduction to number systems, interconversion of number systems, importance of mathematics for nurses.

Mathematics and Nursing

    Modern nurses must be proficient in calculating medication dosages. You must know how to accurately calculate required dosages, including pill dosages, solution dosages, and rates of IV fluids and medications.

    These drug calculations require the use of some basic math such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. In Nurses Importance of Mathematical Calculations is given below .

  1. To understand different units of measurement, such as weight and volume, and convert units of measurement (for example, grams to milligrams)
  2. To work with time calculations
  3. Use formulas to calculate medication doses
  4. To Calculate fluid rates in ml/h and drip rates
  5. To Understand breakups and relationships.
  6. To convert between decimals and fractions and percentages
Slides Given Below Provide a Comprehensive Introductory Knowledge in the form of Notes Especially for 2nd Year BSN according to HEC curriculum. 

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