Essentials In Nursing Practices and Domain In Nursing Education

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Domain and Essentials In Nursing Education and Practices

Essentials In Nursing Practices and Domain In Nursing Education

Domains for Nursing In Nursing Educational Domains,Knowledge for Nursing Practice,Person Centered Care,Population Health,Scholarship for Nursing Discipline,Quality and Safety,Inter professional Partnerships,Systems Based Practice,Informatics and Healthcare Technologies,Professionalism,Personal, Professional, and Leadership Development.

Domains for Nursing In Nursing Educational Domains 

    Domains are broad distinguishable areas of competence that, when considered in the aggregate, constitute a descriptive framework for the practice of nursing. These Essentials include 10 domains that were adapted from the interprofessional work initiated by Englander (2013) and tailored to reflect the discipline of nursing.

    This document delineates the domains that are essential to nursing practice, including how these are defined, what competencies should be expected for each domain at each level of nursing, and how those domains and competencies both distinguish nursing and relate to other health professions. Each domain has a descriptor (or working definition) and a contextual statement. 
    The contextual statement (presented in the Domain, Competency, Sub-Competency Table found beginning on page 26) provides a framing for what the domain represents in the context of nursing practice thus providing an explanation for how the competencies within the domain should be interpreted . The domain designations, descriptors, and contextual statements may evolve over time to reflect future changes in healthcare and nursing practice. 
    Although the domains are presented as discrete entities, the expert practice of nursing requires integration of most of the domains in every practice situation or patient encounter, thus they provide a robust framework for competence based education. The domains and descriptors used in the Essentials are listed below.

 Domain 1: Knowledge for Nursing Practice

    Integration, translation, and application of established and evolving disciplinary nursing knowledge and ways of knowing, as well as knowledge from other disciplines, including a foundation in liberal arts and natural and social sciences. This distinguishes the practice of professional nursing and forms the basis for clinical judgment and innovation in nursing practice.

Domain 2: Person Centered Care

      Person centered care focuses on the individual within multiple complicated contexts, including family and/or important others. Person centered care is holistic, individualized, fair, respectful, compassionate, coordinated, evidence based, and developmentally appropriate. Person-centered care builds on a scientific body of knowledge that guides nursing practice regardless of specialty or functional area.

Domain 3: Population Health

    Population health spans the healthcare delivery continuum from public health prevention to disease management of populations and describes collaborative activities with both traditional and non traditional partnerships from affected communities, public health, industry, academia, health care, local government entities, and others for the improvement of equitable population health outcomes.

Domain 4: Scholarship for Nursing Discipline

    The generation, synthesis, translation, application, and dissemination of nursing knowledge to improve health and transform health care.

Domain 5: Quality and Safety

    Employment of established and emerging principles of safety and improvement science. Quality and safety, as core values of nursing practice, enhance quality and minimize risk of harm to patients and providers through both system effectiveness and individual performance.

Domain 6: Inter professional Partnerships

    Intentional collaboration across professions and with care team members, patients, families, communities, and other stakeholders to optimize care, enhance the healthcare experience, and strengthen outcomes.

Domain 7: Systems Based Practice

    Responding to and leading within complex systems of health care. Nurses effectively and proactively coordinate resources to provide safe, quality, equitable care to diverse populations.

Domain 8: Informatics and Healthcare Technologies

    Information and communication technologies and informatics processes are used to provide care, gather data, form information to drive decision making, and support professionals as they expand knowledge and wisdom for practice. Informatics processes and technologies are used to manage and improve the delivery of safe, high quality, and efficient healthcare services in accordance with best practice and professional and regulatory standards.

Domain 9: Professionalism

   Formation and cultivation of a sustainable professional nursing identity, accountability, perspective, collaborative disposition, and behavior that reflects nursing's characteristics and values.

Domain 10: Personal, Professional, and Leadership Development

    Participation in activities and self-reflection that foster personal health, resilience, and well-being, lifelong learning, and support the acquisition of nursing expertise and assertion of leadership.

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