Speak UP and Quotation Pause Strategy In Nursing Education

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Hesitated Students In Nursing Education and Speak UP & Quotation Pause Strategy

Speak UP and Quotation Pause Strategy In Nursing Education

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Speak UP Strategy In Nursing Education

    Some students think of questions but don’t always feel comfortable interrupting a lecture or creative strategy That’s where Speak UP comes in handy. If you say these we word at transitional points in the class, you give your students license to ask their questions or request that you repeat something. 

    Simply pause at selected moments and say, “Speak UP this is your opportunity to ask questions or comment.” Interactors should emphasize that Speak UP represents the students’ time for individualized learning and growth.

    The only preparation for this strategy is to review your plan for the class and create opportunities for questions. You can announce the question-and-answer period informally or use slides with the words Speak UP.

    This strategy works in any class setting but is especially valuable in large classes. Sometimes students ask questions unthinkingly while taking notes: other questions demonstrate a lack of preparation for class. Sometimes such low level questions frustrate other class participants. 

    On the other hand, each student deserves some clarification of class material. By channelling questions to Speak UP periods, you give your students time to reflect on other students’ questions and make sure they want to ask their own.

Implementation of Speak Up Strategy In Nursing Education

    This is a good strategy to use in large classes or when students have many questions. It allows material to flow while respecting students’ needs for clarification.

    Many instructors don’t wait long enough for students to compose their thoughts and questions. It’s important to wait for a response after we say Speak UP. You can easily feel pressured to continue class, not allowing students a real opportunity to offer comments, questions, or observations.

    Gauge your time according to the needs of the entire clan. This strategy does require you to exert some control to keep a few students from dominating the Speak UP time. Students with extensive needs may be invited to visit during office hours or to make an appointment to see you.

    Speak UP is a great test review. This strategy gives students a voice in the review session by encouraging them to ask questions and delineate areas of confusion. Rather than reverting to another lecture or teacher-led discussion, the test review is focused on the students’ issues. In fact, tests revises should be based on student questions and needs.

    This strategy is a great way to end a multi-session continuing education session or to segue from one class to the next. By saying “Speak UP” at the beginning or end of a class, you’ll give particle pants the opportunity to seek additional information without interrupting the flow of the dual Questions that are closely aligned with class objectives can become Think-Pair-Share, Teaching Trios, or Group Thought cumcises.

What Is Quotation Pauses Strategy In Nursing Education

    General Description I use epigraphs throughout this book to reinforce material and to capture attention. Quotations provoke thought in the classroom and throw in a little entertainment. In this strategy, the instructor pauses at appropriate times and provides a quotation to rein- force or apply classroom concepts

    Preparation and Equipment Simply have quotations available when material comes up. Quotation Pauses are meant to generate a “pawe for thought and provide a tradition to new material

    Work I use this quotation to begin an adolescent health clam “Our youth now love luxury. They have bad manners, contempt for authority; they show disrespect for their elders and love chanter in place of exercise; they no longer rise when elders enter the room, they contradict their parents, chatter before company, gobble up their food and tyrannize their teachers.”.

Socrates, 5th century BC

    By making the point that the “next generation” never really changes, this quotation purrs generational differences in perspective. It also provides some humour to begin the clam

Implementation of Quotation Pause Strategy In Nursing Education

    Quotations can be found anywhere-newspapers, television, anthologies, calendars, inspirational posters, e-mail messages, colleagues, or daily life.

    Be attuned to quotations in your personal reading that could reinforce material or “grab an audience.

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