Group Thought as Strategy In Nursing Education

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Nursing Education and Use of Group Thought as Strategy

Group Thought as Strategy In Nursing Education

What Is Group Thought In Nursing Education, What is Assigning Groups In Nursing Education.

What Is Group Thought In Nursing Education

    General Description Group work, or Group Thought, is a common strategy used in classrooms, large and small, to encourage interactive learning and active thinking. With Group Thought, groups of various sizes are directed to certain raska. Each group may have the same task, or each may be given a different component of the assignment to report hack to the larger class. 

    By and large, students in academic classes look down on group activities as a distraction from testable material. In nonacademic settings, where participants are more receptive to passive learning, Group Thought may be considered frivolous and not on task.” Here are some hints to help you make Group Thought effective, objective driven, and productive

What is Assigning Groups In Nursing Education

    For classroom activities, assigning groups is usually preferable so learning students pick their own. In large classes, group selection could take all day.

  Given the choice, friends tend to group together, which may not prove productive. Students who have a good grip of the material send to gravitate to others who abo understand it. The converse is true students who don’t comprehend material choose to work with others who don’t understand it.

Implementation of Group Thought In Nursing Education

     Use the traditional “counting off” method: “One, two, three four, one, two, three, four, and so on.

    Pass out fake money-distribute ones, fives, tens, twenties, and fifties. Ask the students with each denomination to find each other and form a group

    Use colored pencils, birthday months, color of shirts, randomly picked numbers, or any other differentiating method.

    Use different types of candy to set up groups, with each class member trying to find a partner or group with the similar candy Once groups are established, use them for one exercise or keep them together for future group work.

    Preparation and Equipment Prepare the exercise in advance. Ensure that it reinforces class content and moves your objectives. You may want to have supplies on hand to assist with group selection or prizes to hand out as rewards for participation in the exercise.

    The most common Group Thought exercise it the case scenario with questions. All the groups are given the same questions and different cases. Students answer the questions in relation to the individual cases and then report back to the

    I’ve used this type of exercise to reinforce legal and ethical principles in the classroom. Using an ethical decision-making model from their text, the groups of students review a case and answer these questions

1. How would you respond

2. What are the actual and potential legal issues

3. What are the actual and potential impacts on ethical principles

4. What could or should a nurse do, considering this information?

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