Concept of Web Assignments In Nursing Education

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Nursing Education and Concept of Web Assignments

Concept of Web Assignments In Nursing Education

What Are Web Assignments In Nursing Education, Implementation of Web Assignment Idea In Nursing Education.

What Are Web Assignments In Nursing Education

    Internet has opened up a whole new way to access knowledge. We have an unprecedented amount of information at your fingertips. In Web Assignments, students are informed to want the Internet for answers to aligned questions. 

    Students either discuss their findings informally in clan or send their insights as an E-mail Exercise or to an Online Discussion Group. Students can also e-mail the URL to the instructor for reference

    This strategy promotes awareness of online resources, both for health professionals and for the public. It abo develops critiquing skill students me make sure their information comes from a valid source. The only preparation you need for this exercise is to search for Internet resources that students will find valuable

    I asked students in a health promotion class to search for masking cremation Web sites. Part of the assignment was to print out the exercise have the home page and bring it in for discussion. This paper served as the Admit Ticket for the class. 

    I showed a slide from the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention page on smoking cessation strategies. We began by discussing its value as a resource and moved on to cover some of the other sites the students had found

    I’ve also asked students is use a search engine to determine the number of Wes sites available for selected topics. My students were surprised to find 65,000 Web site “hits” on diabetes and 33,000 on digoxin, important for nurses, especially when providing client inhalation, to appreciate the number of sines available to the public.

Implementation of Web Assignment Idea In Nursing Education

    Although most students know how to use the internet these days. some are reluctant to enter this realm. Web Assignments help them practice the skills they respond so search for beach-related information.

    Devote some discussion time so providing criteria for your students to use in evaluating Web sites. This guidance will enhance their scholarly writing as well as their nursing practice.

    If your classroom has an ferment connection (wired or wireless). conduct a sample search in class using different search engines.

    Compare results and evaluate the selected Web sites Have madman Think-Pair-Share about their findings. 

    Pose a question and ask made nemo search out the answer. They interesting variety of Web wires and at times, provide diversity of answers. Use this opportunity to discuss the reputability of the Internet as an information way.

    For a more extensive clay project, have students develop a resource booklier of with sites for specific client conditions

    Use Web Assignments to eat an in service that induces nursing half to differences. Tach them to use the intranet within an organization, the agma’s Internet client education materials, and Internet recurs appeared for client distribution. 

    To provide good education, patient must know what information is available to clients and how valid the sources are Ask students as critique a Web site, analysing the validity of the wake. 

    Have students consider the ease of navigating the site how difficult would it be for someone with less developed computer. Spend some time discussing the validity of online resources. This is a key skill for nursing professionals.

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