Implementation of Student Led Seminars Strategy In Nursing Education

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 Implementation of Student Led Seminars In Nursing Education

Implementation of Student Led Seminars In Nursing Education

 What are Student Led Seminars and Their Use In Nursing Education, Implementation of Student Led Seminars In Nursing Education.

What are Student Led Seminars and Their Use In Nursing Education

    In nursing education, Student led Seminars are commonly used for clinical, agency, and disunion groups. This strategy provides a forum for practicing presentation and developing organizational skills. It also provides a teaching voice besides that of the instructor

    However, you need se observe some cannons. In an abbreviated, “on the run form, the strategy acquires a 10-minute some limit for the presentation Students are differentiate “need-to-know” from “ace-to-know and focus on information that takes priority.

    Student led Seminars could Весth токовиus if you let them dragon. Besides focusing on priorities, this method a courage’s creativity and reinforces the premise of this book that learning can be fun!

    Develop a list of potential presentation topics and provide guidelines. These should include the information to be covered, the time frame, possible use of sources, me such, insulations for Internet use, and specific recommendations. For academic settings, make sure that the grading criteria include your priorities. 

    During a rammer discussion count I realized that formal lectures for every class would prove difficult for nu dents and faculty alike. I composed a list of presentation epics equal to the number of students in the class and assigned two Student led Seminars to each session. 

    All topics began with the phrase “Nursing care of the client with Que presentation was gives halfway through the class and one at the end. A brief discussion followed the presentation.

    I told my students to adhere strictly to the time limit and to focus on nursing priorities and the implications of the condition. I instructed them not to discuss pathophysiology, collaborate laboratory team or diagnostics, or in-depth management strategies, lowered. I asked them to briefly discuss the decease, nursing assessments, and any care included in the disease management.

    Creativity, organization, ability to engage the class, and emphasis on priorities all counted toward the grade. I also asked for a reference list in American Psychological Associations (APA) format that included at least three resistances, one of which was a Suring research article mentioned in the presentation.

    Students came up with many creative teaching strategies to enhance their classmate’s enjoyment of the seminars. One student be night in an older adult relative, simulating a client education session, the student discussed the client’s measuring cam and the assigned diagnosis. 

    Another student prepared a presentation on sickle cell disease fry baking cookies depicting sickled and non sickled red blood cells. Another dressed in camouflage nursing discuss the role of chemotherapy in treating prostatic cancer. 

    A student with computer skills created a newspaper with “articles” about the nursing priorities associated with the assigned condition. Videos, skits, food, com names, and puzzles were only some of the strategies the codes came up with

Implementation of Student Led Seminars In Nursing Education

    As with In-class Test Questions, you can ack students in the audience to develop test questions about the seminar. These may be used in the review session or on actual tests for attentiveness during the seminars and encourage class attendance.

    If you draw in questions from the seminars, sell the class how many questions per seminar they can respect

    Encourage students to develop a brief handout, like the Legal Cheat Sheet, for each of their class mates.

    Allow students show interest and  made with their creativity to keep the alignment inform a see and fun.

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