Book Using Strategy In Nursing Education

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Nursing Education and Book Using Strategy

Book Using Strategy In Nursing Education

Use of Book In Nursing Education as a Strategy, Need for Book Using Strategy In Nursing Education, Implementation of Book Using Strategy In Nursing Education.

Use of Book In Nursing Education as a Strategy

    This strategy encourages both students and instructors to Use the Book, Nursing education and other textbooks often include resources that go unused because of time, lack of knowledge, or just habit. In addition, students frequently use class notes to study for a test; today’s learners don’t seem to read to supplement knowledge.

    Use the Book encourages use of the ancillary resources included with books. Many texts offer critical thinking exercises, test questions, CD ROMs, and scenarios, publishers encourage authors to develop these because they make tombolo more marketable. 

    Probably the greatest benefit of this strategy is that students learn the hidden uses of their textbook. Encouraged. they go back and Use the Book to learn material and study for the tests.

Need for Book Using Strategy In Nursing Education

    The only preparation for this strategy is to peruse the text and view the available resources. Use exercises that enhance class content or align with class objectives. This strategy may use key text- book information-bones, charts, tables, examples, and pictures-which is then reinforced in class. 

    By citing page numbers, scanning pictures into the lecture slides, using publisher developed audiovisuals, and asking students to use the recourse in the hook, you emphasize the value of the book and its features.

    Example of the Strategy of Work This strategy can enhance learning in two ways. The first method simply uses the resources available to rein force content. For pharmacology. 

    I’ve used the case studies at the back of the chapter, and others, to summarize the class content. The case scenarios were geared toward lesson content and asked poignant questions related to the material.

    Another way to use this strategy is to scan in pages of the book and selected information. I scanned in a box from the readings with the steps of case management. You may also ask the students to open their text books to a page with the list of these steps. 

    Then develop a case study using the information. The slides help students Use the Book and apply it to a case study you’ve developed. Following is an example in which 1 applied the steps of case management in a class-related study.

Implementation of Book Using Strategy In Nursing Education

    Most next books provide a wealth of material that you can use to reinforce your watching. Test questions, case scenarios, critical thinking cruises, and test banks may all be used to enhance classroom discussion.

    Students can use text resources in studying for tests and to clarify Muddiest Parts. Once they get comfortable with all the announces a book provides, students may become more cager to use it for class preparation and to do the assigned readings.

    Some students need the reinforcement of a post class review. Use the Book gives them tangible exercises or review materials to look at after class. By reinforcing what they’ve learned in class. students can study in mall, manageable chunks and avoid the lava-minute cram before examinations.

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