Read a Story and Star Strategy In Nursing Education

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Nursing Education and Read a Story & Star Strategy

Read a Story and Star Strategy In Nursing Education

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What Is Read a Story Strategy In Nursing Education

    This commonly used strategy allows the instructor to use some creativity by interjecting fiction, poetry, and other literature into clam content. Information from popular books, business tests, parenting books, personal nursing stories, comics, newspaper columns, and children’s literature provide great teaching fuel and add relevance to potentially dry content. 

    Business success guides may offer inspirational and encouraging messages. Children’s books may provide poignant stories about life conflicts, illness, death, or personal experiences from the eyes of a child-often very compelling for adult learners.

Necessities for Story Read Strategy In Nursing Education

    Stay alert, especially if you go into a bookstore or pass a newsstand. Resources providing interesting quotations or passages may appear at surprising moment.

    Example of the Strategy of Work The story, given to me by a colleague, helps me when I discuss poverty and global health issues. I hope that you can ago use it.

    For another example of this strategy. I mad from an 1885 nursing best book that I found at an antique show. I have read many excerpts about nursing in that era, and we’ve discussed the significant advancements made since that time. Here is a selection 1 especially like when discussing nursing research:

    Try to find out why things are done, to be familiar with the underlying principles as well as details of practice. Learn to nurse by reason rather than by rule, for no rule can be laid down to which exceptions will not arise. 

    Do not fancy that after you have been through a training school you will know all there is to know about nursing, in fact, you will only have been taught how to learn, how to appreciate and profit by experience which you will get. Every new case will teach you something new

Implementation of Story Read Strategy in Nursing Education 

    Don’t ly exclusively a book. Newspaper articles, columns, and editorials abo provide great material.

    Nursing journals have begun to publish works reflecting the age of nursing. Poetry, haiku, and short stories may carry powerful messages The coloring book I Might Be a Nurse is a great resource for carly nursing students

    Children’s books such as The Fall of Freddy the Leaf and Bob and Jack: A Bay and His Yak provide insights into children’s concepts of aging and death. The Three Little Pigs from the Wolf’s Point of Vine” shows how viewing problems from various perspectives can illuminate the real meaning of an issue

    Old copies of Cherry Amer books and other novels about nurses may provide historical images of nursing. The Springer Publishing Company has republished four books of the Cherry Ames series in a bossed set with introductions by Harriet Furman. Other books in this series are available from online retailers.

    Two Golden Books, Nune Namy and Decter Dien, can students in delineating professional roles. Bond discusses the use of Nurse Nancy in a professional nursing course as a means of teaching nursing knowledge and the nursing process.

What Is Star Strategy In Nursing Education

    General Description Students have a difficult time determining priorities and identifying key study material. Novice nursing students frequently highlight every word in the topic and can’t distinguish vital information from the rest.

    In this easy strategy, stars are tuned to distinguish the most important material from the test. Asking students to Use the Star will give them useful visual and auditory prompts. 

    You can rese stars in Power Point presentations or traditional handouts, or you can simply ask the class so “put a stat next to this.” Stars highlight important material to be used later as study took Preparation and Equipment No preparation is required. Stars may be added either before or during clam

    Example of the Strategy at Work This strategy can be used spontaneously. During class preparation. I’ve added PowerPoint stars to areas that need emphasis. I realized this strategy was a success when a teaching assistant told the class. “Pay attention to the stars.

    let’s important to make sure that test questions coincide with tarred material: if you don’t, students will learn not to trust the stars. This does it main you need to teach to the test”; however, Use the Star keeps the focus on key points and helps the students identify potential best questions.

Implementation of Star Strategy In Nursing Education

    Use the Star is a great way for faculty to ensure that tests represent key factors in class content. Often tests are constructed before the first clan meeting, making it difficult to endure that vital fan ate tested. 

    By hating your test questions on starred material, you can stick to the important facts, ensure text content validity, and avoid minutia. You can also be sure that the students know what information matters the most.

    Ask your students what information deserves to be tanned. Use frequent pauses as an opportunity to ask. “Okay, what facts covered in the last 20 minutes deserve a star?” Given this opening, students will revisit and repeat information while developing skill in priority setting

    This strategy is important for new nurses or those new to a clinical specialty. Even nurses who have been practicing for a what may need to learn the priorities specific to an unfamiliar clinical area. Starred material provides a way for nurses at all levels to focus on new and vital information.

    Use the Star ensures that students are actively writing and attending to notes during class. Use Quickie Case Studies to open or close a class session They also can be used as a transition from one topic to another, ensuring students are caught up with the changes in class subjects.

    Use case study content to provide a test revive. Quickie Case Studies can provide the context for later rest questions.

    One hazard of using case studies is the possibility that the students will over generalize. It’s important to emphasize that the case study is an example of issues and characteristics. 

    Novice students or nurses may assume that all clients with certain characteristics encounter the same issues. Make sure you include a preliminary statement that the case represents a prototype rather than a “standard client” with all the same

    Quickie Case Studies are valuable when clinical pictures are closely aligned or when differences are subtle, Students can analyze the differences within a short, tight framework

    Handouts may include the case study and appropriate study questions. You can combine Quickie Case Studies with E-mail Exercises or Online Discussions.

    Case study strategies may be coupled with Group Thought, Think-Pair-Share, and Teaching Trios.

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