Skits and Tell Em Strategy In Nursing Education

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Nursing Education and Usefulness of Skits and Tell Em Strategy

Skits and Tell Em Strategy In Nursing Education

How to Dress up or Skits In Nursing Education, Preparation and Equipment for Skits In Nursing Education, Implementation of Idea In Nursing Education, Tell ‘Em Once, Tell ‘Em Twice, Tell “Em Again Strategy In Nursing Education, Implementation of Tell Em Strategy In Nursing Education.

How to Dress up or Skits In Nursing Education

    General Description At the beginning of class, the instructor dresses up or organizes a skit to provide relevant content or to introduce the class. These costumes or skits may be simple or elaborate and are focused on class objectives.

Preparation and Equipment for Skits In Nursing Education 

    This strategy takes a lot of self-esteem and some preparation. Keep clan objectives in mind in the costumes or props will enhance learning and retention. You can find dress-up materials by shopping in costume and thrift stores and by raiding the closets of your friends and family. 

    Example of the Strategy at Work I have steered toward the simpler aspects of this strategy. I’ve wormed some unlikely articles to help a Claus loosen up and focus on topics: a clown nose for a discussion of how humor is addressed in nu ing theories: a bound walk. T-shirt with an anti- stress message for a class on nursing and stress, and a jester’s hat to introduce nursing communication principles.

    One group of students designed a class fundraiser with a sweatshirt showing “nuning diagnoses”. I wore the sweatshirt to clan and showed it as a slide to introduce the class to burning diagnosis and analysis. 

    Beginning nursing students have trouble embracing this rather dry concept, but the sweatshirt made it seem real and useful to their nursing careers. The strategy worked especially well because more senior students in the program had designed the shirt. 

Implementation of Idea In Nursing Education

    A colleague arrived in class dressed in camouflage to represent the immune function of the T-cells and their responses to immune suppression. This same faculty member used a superhero theme for the graduation address, wearing a belt, Helmer, and other imagine a borrowed from her preschool son to depict a “Super nurse.”

    A well-known nursing speaker has been known to arrive at clans dressed as Mother Goose, a good fairy, and a nurse from ages past. Drawing up as part of the clan theme truly does break the ice, but it also enhances retention of the material. Amusing hats, perioperative garb, historical costumes, scrubs, old uniforms, or any other odd clothing releases participants and helps you to teach serious material whimsically.

    Again, Dress-up or Skits can be as elaborate or as simple as you choose. The idea is to provide a visual reminder of the material an image that novice nurses, students, or even experienced nurses can summon up to remind them of a topic

    In addition to costumes and popular, a script or skit helps with retention. Students can simulate a client interview or assessment, conduct a dialogue with a nurse from the past, respond to a mock resuscitation code, or act out the symptoms of a condition. 

    I had two students videotape their skit of a client suffering from gastroesophageal reflux disease, demonstrating the signs, symptoms, and lifestyle issues that exacerbate the condition. 

    We showed this video before class to win force the material for the session. Skits may be part of class assignments, extra credit, or performed on a volunteer haais, depending on the size of the class, the rapport among the students, and the time available. 

Tell ‘Em Once, Tell ‘Em Twice, Tell “Em Again Strategy In Nursing Education

    General Description Each class session should begin with an intro- duction and end with a summary. This teaching strategy is a great ice breaker. Repetition, a valuable searching tool, allows students to organize their thoughts in a structured format and to hear the key priorities of the class again and again. 

    Preparation and Equipment No special equipment is required. You should prepare a succinct, articulate introduction and summary to keep the students as focused as possible.

    Example of the Strategy at Work For each class I teach, I first introduce and later summarize the talk. When using PowerPoint, I create a screen for both the introduction and the summary.

Implementation of Tell Em Strategy In Nursing Education

    Use this method to begin and end every class. This gives your classes a level of predictability and closure.

    Many students live by the “get it, spit it, forget it method of studying. Providing improves long-term retention.

    Be warned that when students see the summary screen, they start packing up and leaving. I’ve started to put texting information, important learning hints, and other announcements on the last screen to discourage this behavior.

    Repetition is a sound principle of adult learning. Tell ‘Em Onсе, Tell ‘Em Twice, Tell ‘Em Again! mes that principle as a frame work for every class. It allows you to ensure that all content is being covered and that each area is minfonced.

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